Printing on cosmetics is one of the main sectors that lends itself well to decoration with Pad Printing and Screen Printing machines. Printing can range from 1 to 6 colors, achieving high-definition images as well as precise final rendering with vibrant colors.

Pad Printing allows customization of curved surfaces with a 90° deformation, while Screen Printing also enables 360° printing.

In addition to these two technologies, hot stamping can be used to achieve glossy and shiny effects using foil.

Some examples of packaging include: bottles, jars, containers, sticks, caps, palettes, boxes, and tubes. Examples of materials that can be printed on include: glass, plastic (Pet, PE, PVC, PU, PS, HDPE, PC, and PP), metal/aluminum, wood, and eco-friendly materials.

Printed Samples in Pad Printing and Screen Printing